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A Guide For Electricity And Gas Connection When Moving Home in Australia

Whenever it comes to moving home anywhere in Australia, loading the content of your life is stressful. The most important thing is your energy supply connection. 

Before moving to another place, ensure all of your basic utilities and services you need to live are available. Undoubtedly, the process of disconnecting, reconnecting, and then transferring utilities can sound aggravating. There are so many things to consider when it comes to moving home to another place. 

Make sure to transfer your utility bills when moving so that you will have the energy supply in your new home and also you will not be landed with massive bills from your old property. This guide will help you simplify the whole process by running through what you need to consider before leaving your old place and heading towards a new one. 

Table of content

  • Identify your utilities 
  • Bundle your electricity and gas together for your new home
  • Revise your energy plan
  • Ensure your meter access
  • Confirm your connection or disconnection fee
  • Done with an electrical inspection
  • Some useful tips while moving home

An Easy Guide to Connecting Gas and Electricity When Moving House

  • Identify your utilities 

When you are moving to another space, you must be looking for a service provider. If your energy provider would remain the same, maybe you are looking to change your current energy plan. For this purpose, it is important to understand your energy needs and identify your utilities. 

Moving home is the perfect time to re-access your current energy deal and helps you find the right one for you. This approach will help you keep track of your energy supply. Also, you will maintain the energy cost. 

  • Bundle your electricity and gas together for your new home

Relocating your whole household to somewhere new is great but stressful. But getting the right energy connection is crucial. While moving home electricity, make sure not to sign up for a new deal before getting its contractual terms. If your energy supplier is the same as your previous property, the process should become smooth. But if you have to go through with a new service provider, it is recommended to deeply figure out the right energy plan. 

Most service providers are offering a bundled service, which bundles the electricity and gas service from a single provider. This approach will make the whole process simpler and you will get your energy supply from a single source.  

  • Revise your energy plan

Be sure to review your energy plan before moving to your new house. Ensure that your energy suppliers are providing the best value for your money. When you plan to move, it is the best opportunity to identify several energy plans. Therefore, moving home electricity can be done at competitive rates, particularly when you are moving into a large place. 

You can also use some online comparison tools to compare market competitive rates. This will enable you to compare several energy plans for gas and electricity and find the best solution for you and your family.

Don’t Forget To Read About Energy Providers in Australia

  • Ensure your meter access

When you move toward your new property, make sure to check the status of your meter. Check that your electricity and gas meter is working properly and is easy to access. Also, make sure to take a reading earlier, this will help you compare the first month’s bill. 

Also, when you leave your previous property, make sure to have a smooth transition with your energy provider. They can take care of your previous connection and hook up at your new place by the time you arrive. 

  • Confirm your connection or disconnection fee

This is a fairly obvious topic to conform to your connection and disconnection fee before leaving your old property and moving towards a new property. But it is of utmost importance. However, a lot of people forget to confirm their disconnection fee and it will make them pay a huge amount. 

Therefore, when moving your home, it is important to inform your energy supplier that you are moving to your new place. This approach helps you and your energy provider to adjust your future bills. 

  • Done with an electrical inspection

When you have planned to move out to your new place, it is recommended to do electrical inspections. You can do this by yourself or get a qualified electrician to carry out an in-depth electrical inspection of your new home. The electrician will check and confirm the status of the wiring of your new home as well as ensure safety. 

Make sure I arrange the electrical inspection before you step into your new property. This potential step will save you money and time in the future.

  • Some useful tips while moving home

Here are some useful tips that you must follow when you are moving your home to another place. 

  1. Start your process early and do not wait for the last week to complete everything.
  2. Do your research and identify the best electricity and gas deals for your new place. Bundle your electricity and gas together to get a feasible approach.
  3. Compare several energy plans to get them a reasonable plan for your connection.
  4. Get your connection quickly so that you do not have to worry about the connection when you move to a new place. 
  5. Keep track of your new energy connection. 

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