Friday, August 12, 2022 Does this website help in collecting Robux?

Let’s read about the Clean!

Searching for a page to get free Robux can lead you to many different portals. Players in the United States and Great Britain may have a desire to collect free Robux.

False portals have also been launched resulting in the loss of any number of Robux, which the player already has on their account.

To understand what this page is about, read the presentation below!

What is Clean

In the name itself, the portal seems to be associated with the Robux or Roblox game, but it isn’t what we think. provides links to cleaning services and other related websites.

Get information on links shared by the portal!

1. How to start the cleaning service

2. Where can we buy Meyers cleaning accessories

3. Cleaning for a month

4. Floor cleaning

5. Cleaning agents

Does this website help in collecting Robux? does not help to collect Robux; instead, it displays links for cleaning.

It is possible to find a site that will help you buy Robux, but make sure this is also a legal site before making a decision.

Is this website legal?

This page seems to be a scam for many reasons we share with you below!

– The site is not secure.

– the name of the page looks like his about Roblox and Robux, but he does not show any relationship with what they presented on the portal

– The site is very newly registered. Domain was registered on September 7, 2020. The site is less than one year.


That’s all we found out about We hope this information is helpful to you. is not a website about Roblox; instead, it provides information about cleaning services.


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