Incontinence is a common condition faced by both men and women globally. It occurs when an individual cannot control urination and defecation, varying from mild loss of fluids to complete incapacitation. And is caused by various factors such as old age, diseases, medications, and accidents.

To manage incontinence, individuals use adult diapers to avoid discomfort when leaking happens. Also, it helps them hide the embarrassment of dealing with such an issue in public.  


Now, with the wide range of adult diapers available in the market. It can get confusing when buying this product, either for yourself or your loved one. This is because they come in different types, sizes, and capabilities. So, it is essential to have a deeper understanding of this item to make an informed decision.  


To buy the perfect adult diaper, here are some factors you should consider to ensure the user is happy and comfortable. 

Size of the Adult Diaper 

Adult diapers come in different sizes, and they range from extra small, large to 5 extra-large. A small diaper can cause skin irritation around the legs, while a large diaper allows leakage since it leaves space. Ensure you also buy the correct waist size to avoid sagging after a urinary incontinence accident.

Further, choosing the perfect size can sometimes be a trial and error since measurements are different depending on the manufacturer. You should consider requesting a tailor-made diaper for a plus-size individual by sending the specific sizing to the vendor. It ensures you get the ideal product that fits you perfectly without worsening your condition.  

The Level Of Absorbency

The severity of your condition will determine the amount of diaper absorbency you will need. Some products are best for individuals with light incontinence, and others are good for people who have a complete inability to control urine and feces. You should also consider the amount of fluid released by an individual since you need an adult diaper with high absorbency for heavy wetters. 

Moreover, it is also important to note that people lose a more significant amount of liquid during the night than daytime. So, you can use an adult diaper with less absorbency during the day and use one that soaks up more fluids during the night. 


Backing Material

Materials that make adult diapers are of two types, cloth, and plastic. In most cases, people prefer products made from clothes since they are breathable and eliminate the foul odor from leakage. And due to air circulation, they help reduce skin irritation around the legs.

On the other hand, some people may prefer adult diapers from plastic since they have more minor leakages. It helps people get comfortable in social places because it gives them a sense of security due to the nature of the outer layer.

In addition, most diapers made from plastic are disposable; thus, they are best for bedridden users. In contrast, cloth products are reusable and ideal for people who can wash them or have someone who can help. So, you can buy either of these products depending on your personal preferences.  


Odor Elimination

Urine and fecal matter can emit a foul smell due to their bacteria. These factors cause skin problems and urinary tract infections (UTI), posing additional risks to a user’s health. Especially when it comes to fecal incontinence, it is essential to buy a diaper with moisture-wicking effects and locks in the odor. 

Moreover, you can buy scented adult diapers since they mask the unpleasant smell that might occur after an incontinence incident. However, note that this product is expensive compared to unscented ones.  

Cost of the Adult Diaper

With the wide range of adult diapers in the market, the prices may differ depending on the brand. Although some products are more expensive, it is not guaranteed that the diaper is high quality. Most of the time, people buy things just for the name.

In that case, finding a product within your budget is essential, but of course, without compromising on the quality. This is because low-quality products have a high possibility of causing leakage and skin rashes. Do due diligence before making the final decision of the brand to buy.  

Gender Specificity 

Although most adult diapers are gender-neutral, some are strictly designed for men, while others are for women. Female products have extra level material at the bottom for absorbing fluids, whereas male diapers have a thick absorbent layer near the crotch.

Design of the Adult Diaper 


There are different adult diapers in the market, ranging from pull-ups to briefs. Depending on the user’s level of mobility, you need to choose which style is convenient for them. Briefs are best for wholly incapacitated people since they have side fasteners. This enables the caregiver to change them while sitting or lying down.  


Choosing the perfect adult diaper can be confusing and overwhelming since many brands have different styles. However, this article can give you a head start on the crucial things to consider to ensure the user is comfortable and happy. You can now shop for a product that perfectly meets your standard.  

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